About BrightCo

BrightCo exists to help talented young people propel their careers while sharing what they know. BrightCo connects young entrepreneurs, innovators, leaders and creatives with brands and investors. Through our online platform, brands and investors gain on-demand expertise and perspective. BrightCo offers a more high-touch service, developing youth advisory boards for brands looking to engage an on-tap think tank of Millennials who can envision the future of industries and ecosystems. BrightCo raised its first round of investment from angel investors in Boston, NYC, and Silicon Valley.

Meet the Team

Rebecca Kantar

Founder & CEO

Rebecca is the founder of BrightCo. She left Harvard College in 2012 after completing her Sophomore year and raising BrightCo’s seed round of investment from several angel investors in Boston, NYC, and Silicon Valley. Previously, Rebecca served as the CEO of Minga, a nonprofit organization dedicated to combating the global child sex trade by harnessing the power of teens. Rebecca has spoken at TEDx events, the United Nations, Harvard University, Cornell Medical School, the NYU Stern School, and dozens of other similar venues. She is seen as a thought leader on reinventing higher education to teach entrepreneurial thinking. Rebecca is a World Economic Forum Global Shaper and now lives in NYC, LA, and Boston.

Pippa Biddle

Chief Community Officer & Dir. of Talent

Pippa is the Chief Community Officer and Director of Talent at BrightCo. In her dual roles, Pippa oversees the development of the BrightCo community both internally and externally. Prior to joining BrightCo, Pippa worked as the Director of Community for Bridge the Gap TV, a socially-conscious television and documentary production company. Previously, Pippa served as the Roots & Shoots Youth Leadership Fellow for the Jane Goodall Institute. Pippa is a Youth NGO Representative to the UN for the Jane Goodall Institute, and helps to organize the Campamento Esperanza y Alegria, a summer camp for HIV-positive children in the Dominican Republic. Pippa attended Barnard College, leaving in 2013 after her sophomore year.